Senior delegates & peers & widening of personal network

“To spend time outside the office with each other is great & to tell others in the industry
what we do, meet new contacts and new friends through the trip…it’s a really good experience”

Tom Burn, Citygrove Securities PLC


168 potential contact hours with 300 professionals

“It’s cheaper than a lot of 1 day conferences so the value for money is phenomenal”

Will Sharpey Trident


Bonding & meaningful relationships

“Bonding with people, that’s what’s amazing about PropSki you build a friendship that you just wouldn’t at any other event”

Zoe Allen, Acrylicize


Talks by industry leaders

“No better way to meet EGQT panellists than over a mulled wine in the sun after the event”

Pam Reid, Sellar


Vast array of activities make it fun, not forced

“I really enjoyed the Aston Rose Guided Ski Tour where we just raced down the hills and afterwards we went for a bit of partying”

Tanja Ennsgraber, Cain Hoy Enterprises

Who’s already going to PropSki 2018?